Survival Swim Training

$130 per week, 1:1 ratio ($50 annual family registration fee)

This is the first step in teaching your child to self rescue in deep water. Children ages 6 months -16 months learn to roll to an independent float. Children 18 months to 6 years learn a swim float swim sequence to navigate around the pool on their own, and how to safely exit the pool. Students attend lessons 4 times per week for 15 minutes each day. This program typically takes swimmers approximately 6 weeks to master.

Refresher Courses

$130 per week, 1:1 ratio

These lessons are for those who have completed the survival swim training within the last year but has not been swimming in several months. Students attend lessons 4 days per week for 15 minutes each day.

Maintenance Lessons

$32.50 per session, 1:1 ratio

These sessions are for students who recently completed their survival swim training or refresher course. These classes give them a chance to maintain their survival swim skills while growing their confidence in the water. Ideally, maintenance lessons should be scheduled at the intervals recommended by the instructor, ranging from once or twice a week.


Ph: (832) 597-1807

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